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French drains are used to direct runoff away from buildings and to drain standing water into an area where it cannot do any harm. A French Drain is a trench covered with gravel rock that redirects surface and ground water away from an area. 

These drains can have perforated hollow pipes installed below the inside bottom of the foundation floor to quickly remove water that rises from ground water, raising the water table. 

French drains are popular drainage systems which are primarily used to prevent ground and surface water from penetrating or damaging building foundations. 

Alternatively, French drain technique can also be used under certain circumstances to move water from around the exterior of a building, or to distribute the effluence from an outgoing sewer line to a septic tank sewage treatment system. In addition, French drains are used behind retaining walls to relieve ground water pressure.  

Good drainage is important for ensuring that a home or property stays dry and free of mold. If groundwater collects in the basement, it is not only an inconvenient eyesore, but it can also lead to wood rot and mold; creating health problems for those most sensitive to mold. 

The most effective way to eliminate undesirable free-standing water is through the installation of French Drains with perforated pipes, filters fabric and gravel. 

There can also sometimes be health risks for people who are sensitive to mold. These health issues occur when people inhale airborne mold spores. 

For some people, a small quantity of mold spores can be enough to cause health risks, while for others larger amount of mold will begin to affect overall health. Children, pregnant woman, seniors, and individuals with respiratory conditions are at high risks from inhaling mold spores 

TOTAL Klargester Septic Tank Installation

The Klargester BioDisc domestic sewage treatment plant is engineered to treat wastewater to the highest level of standards for residential applications

TOTAL Drain Repair Contractors

Due to general wear and tear, over long periods of time, many drains will often start to crack to the point where either part or the majority of the drain will collapse. Total Regeneration can offer many preventative 

TOTAL Attenuation System

An Attenuation system  is the temporary storage of surface water in a suitable chamber below ground level. The chamber needs to be of sufficient size to accommodate the calculated run-off during peak periods of rainfall.

TOTAL Soakaway Design & Construction

A soakaway is simply a hole dug into the ground which is filled with rubble and coarse stone. This then allows surface water to percolate back into the earth close to where it falls. 

TOTAL French Drain Installation

French drains are used to direct runoff away from buildings and to drain standing water into an area where it can not do any harm. 

TOTAL CCTV Drain Surveys

If you are; trying to identify an ongoing drain problem, undertaking a condition survey or need verifying that a new drainage installation has been installed correctly 

TOTAL Foul & Storm Water

The vast majority of foul sewers are 150mm diameter and are usually laid at depths between 3m and 5 m deep. Often there is a foul water pumping station in the scheme to pump the waste to an appropriate outfall.

TOTAL Pond Retention

Over the years some form of storm attenuation on every development has come to be expected. Numerous different types of storm water storage systems have been utilised and Total Groundwork 

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