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TOTAL Pipe Jacking contractors overview

Total Regen has been involved with Pipejacking and Tunneling operations for 45 years and we have worked in the majority of the UK’s extremely variable geological ground conditions and fully understand the hazards and risks associated with all Manual, Mechanized and Full Faced excavation methods using Pipe Jacking Systems. 

We operate a comprehensive range of Machines and Shields for constructing Pipe Jacking tunnels from 1200.. to 2500mm diameter. We are also able to design and fabricate additional specialised plant and equipment for unique situations particularly when limited working space and access are an issue.

We operate Slurry and Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) type TBMs for pipejacking through wet or soft ground conditions. 

Total Regen employees have been part of the Pipe Jacking Association working party, to develop and agree with the HSE, acceptable working practices for the construction of Pipe Jacks and Tunnelels Agreement has now been reached on what is unacceptable  information and can be downloaded from the Pipe Jacking Association website.

Our involvement has always kept us fully up to date with the latest industry standards and specifications.

Mirco Tunnelling 

In 1990 we purchased our first mirco-tunnelling system for a two year research and development project with Yorkshire Water. Since then we have successfully installed in excess of 20kms of underground pipelines using RVSs, lseki and Herrenknecht systems.

We also have access to other highly specialised machinery capable pf dealing with extremely high water tables, rock and boulders if the expected geology dictates the use of slurry based systems. 

RVS Mirco-tunnelling Systems

No mirco-tunnelling system can compete with the RVS method for speed of installation in suitable ground conditions. 

Pipelines as large as DN1000 can be installed up to lengths over 100m. Minimal shaft sizes are required for the establishment and operation of these systems and their compact design make them very suitable for underground works in busy urban areas.

There are two systems RVS250A & RVS300A.  The 250 system installing pipes up to DN600 and the larger system installing pipes up to DN1000

Slurry Systems 

When ground conditions dictate and slurry type TBMs are required for tunnel and pipeline construction the Total will use this type of system. 

Total has experience with Lseki, and Herrenkencht equipment. Total offer solutions for micro tunnel construction in difficult ground conditions or where a larger pipe size is required.

Guided Auger Boring 

Guided Auger Boring is often a cheaper solution where the ground conditions are generally dry. The process includes the drilling of a pilot rod from Launch to reception of which by acts as a guide for the product pipe to follow.

Total PBA 85 Horizontal Thrust Boring Machine is a powerful machine for the installation of small pipework. Drives from shafts as small as 2500mm ID make this method an ideal solution for sewers and drains constructed in Highly populated areas.

With pipeline lengths up to 80m and an accurate guidance system new pipelines can be installed quickly and without disruption to immediate urban activities.

Backacter and Open Face 

Use of a backacter or open face tunnelling is suitable for certain situation where the ground conditions are stiff and generally dry and the tunnel size is of large enough diameter to allow man access, but short enough to ensure the access and working inside the pipe is safe. With access to the face or the tunnel, it can allow flexibility with space to deal with obstructions in the tunnel and also for areas where the Tunnelling machine cannot be recovered at the receival point.

TOTAL Utilities Installation

At Total Group, we take pride in being a leading multi utility contractor in the UK. With our exceptional expertise and years of experience, we specialize in providing comprehensive services 

TOTAL Shaft Sinking

Here at Total Groundworks and Civil Engineering we are experts in caisson shaft sinking., we have completed many challenging and diverse caisson shaft projects

TOTAL Cofferdam Construction

The purpose of a cofferdam is to exclude soil and/or water from an area in which it is required to carry out construction activities to a depth below the surface

TOTAL Pipe Jacking

Total has been involved with Pipejacking and Tunneling operations for 45 years and we have worked in the majority of the UK’s extremely variable geological ground conditions and fully understand the hazards and risks 

TOTAL Highway Construction

Total Group is a highly experienced highway construction company based in the UK. With a strong focus on motorways, roads, and maintenance, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry. 

TOTAL Section 278 Works

Total Group is a leading provider of Section 278 street works in the UK. We offer comprehensive solutions for all your street works requirements, ensuring the smooth and efficient completion of your projects.

TOTAL Bridge Construction

With our extensive experience and expertise, we specialize in building a wide range of bridges, from motorway bridges to canal and foot bridges. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and safety sets us apart in the industry.

TOTAL Hand Tunnelling & Headings

Traditional methods such as timber heading have been around for hundreds of years. Timber heading as a solution, compared to other methods of trenching

TOTAL Utilities

Total Group, is a trusted provider of comprehensive utility services in the UK. We offer a wide range of utility services including gas installation and maintenance, electricity supply and infrastructure, water connection and

TOTAL Deep Drainage

We take pride in being one of the leading deep drainage contractors in the UK. With a strong focus on estate roads that service housing developments, we have established ourselves as a preferred supplier to many

TOTAL Flood Prevention

Heavy rain can pose a significant threat to properties, infrastructure, and the environment. Flooding can lead to extensive damage, disruption of services, and even endanger lives. 

TOTAL Land Remediation

We offer comprehensive solutions for the revitalization and regeneration of contaminated land. Our services include site investigation and assessment, contaminant removal and treatment

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